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Our goal

To offer you and your loved ones unique and innovative pet products.

About us

PetGut is a specialty store for pets and animal lovers. Our flagship product is the infamous StickyPet, which allows you to take perfect pictures of your four-legged friends.

We've tried everything to get our pets' attention, and we've found how difficult it is to to get the perfect shot. Our pets never looked where we wanted them to. So we had to manage to get their full attention on the camera.

The pets ignored our calls and ran away as soon as they saw the phone, but they never ignored their favorite treats or toys. And that's how our StickyPet smartphone attachment was born.

StickyPet can be used for all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, reptiles, pigs, birds, ferrets... the list goes on. Just attach your favorite food or toy and you're good to go!

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