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Mimic Hamster [Toy for Dogs & Cats]

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Your pet will love it. Super cute and fun toy for dogs & cats. The Mimic Hamster not only talks, but repeats everything you or your pet will say, whether they are talking, laughing, singing, barking or meowing!

Turn on the Mimic Hamster and within a few seconds it will start repeating all the sounds and start dancing.

  • Records up to 6 seconds - Works for all languages ​​and phrases! Not only a cool toy for pets, but also a wonderful gift for children.
  • Speaks & Dances - Starts dancing and repeats any sounds such as barking, meowing or whatever you say.
  • Suitable for everyone - Not only dogs and cats love it, but children and adults also have a lot of fun with this toy.
  • Nice present - Perfect gift and amusing entertainment at any party.

Available in three colors: Coffee, Brown & Gray

Batteries not included (3x AAA)


  1. Insert three AAA batteries and close the battery cover.
  2. Switch the hamster to ON.
  3. Say a sentence that the hamster should repeat.
  4. A short moment later the hamster begins to dance and imitate what he heard in a high and funny voice.
  5. Turn the switch to OFF to extend battery life when not in use.

Not commercially available.


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