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Smart cat shovel - simple & ingenious

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Cleaning your litter box has never been so easy.

Cats are clean animals and avoid a dirty litter box. Maintaining a litter box is important, both for the health of your cat, as well as you and your family. With our new cat scoop you can clean your litter box in no time.

Quick, easy & effective - waste bin and shovel combined in one.
Designed for quick sifting with less dust, for more thorough and faster cleaning. By simply pressing, you can release the container from the shovel and empty it with ease. For space-saving storage, you can simply place the scoop upside down in the container.

Easy cleaning
The attached container and the ingenious design make cleaning your cat litter box much easier and faster! Scooping and disposal are combined into quick and easy one-handed operation. The bag can contain a plastic bag, a paper bag or whatever you like 

Easy disposal
For easy disposal, a plastic or paper bag can be placed in the rear container. If desired, the container can also be used without a bag.

Hygienic and clean
The all-in-one system keeps chaos limited and your house clean. No more spilled litter!


  • The easiest and fastest way to clean your litter box
  • Combines scoop and container into a unique and effective product
  • No more wasting clean cat litter
  • No spilled cat litter
  • Simple, ingenious & efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Available in two colors